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Using Social Media for Job Search

Social media can be used for a number of beneficial reasons other than stalking your favourite band member’s Instagram account or tweeting them on a daily basis – we’ve all done it.

On a more serious note, your social whereabouts can affect your employability  more than you may think as potential employers like to do their research too, which is why it is essential to consider the way you conduct yourself online.

So before you tweet, post or upload be sure to THINK:

T – Is it true? Spreading false information online is an offence and can result in up to 7 years in prison, so it is best to avoid engaging in a subject you’re not familiar with, especially as it could land you a criminal record under an act of deception and will be flagged in background checks against you when receiving a job offer, and in some circumstances can ensue in a lawsuit.

H – Is it helpful? Does it have potential to benefit you or anybody else? If the answer is no, it’s not likely to be worth posting.

I – Is it illegal? If yes, the verdict is that you shouldn’t be doing it anywayand it can massively affect your employability in the future.

N – Is it necessary? Keep it relevant; think about the type of image you want portray of yourself. Potential employers are likely to search your online activity to get an inclusive understanding of your personality and professionalism. A way of avoiding this can be to change your setting to “Private” so only your following can view your feed (although this does not mean all practises of your online presence will be untraceable).

K – Is it kind? Don’t bad mouth your boss – or colleagues.We’re all entitled to have our own opinion but keeping them to yourself should be a priority even if you want to vent about it on social media. In the spur of the moment you might post something you will almost definitely regret. This includes avoiding participation in negative remarks and posting your own to prevent affecting your current and future career.

So the next time you’re about to have a rant on Facebook remember this,

“When social media becomes a place where you start to share

 your negative thoughts or you become negative from other

people’s posts, remove yourself before you ruin your reputation.”


Jasmine Mckenzie,

Seetec Apprentice

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