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Callum Loker's Fourth Apprenticeship Diary Entry

Apprentice Callum Loker

Over the past couple of months I have been working on guides for other potential apprentices to use, the guides being a BKSB Guide for the potential apprentices going through the sales team, and a pre-employment guide, aimed at anyone aiming to secure employment through Seetec. I included tips on how to present themselves, STAR Techniques for interviews, and did my best to cover every detail leading up to the final stage.

Currently I am working on an apprenticeship induction which will be uploaded to the ELVIS website upon completion; I am also becoming more comfortable in terms of working with audio and video editing software, as well as creating voiceovers and commentary for use in the presentations.

Currently I am studying for a CompTIA A+ Exam which is essential for anyone working in the computing industry; it also happens to fit into the apprenticeship course criteria so we have added it on to the credit count towards the Level 2 IT Professional Qualification. Also I have been keeping a steady supply of evidence for my assessor, Ron, to evaluate and upload. So far I am ahead of target and have since received my Linx Tablet PC as a reward!

Alongside that I am also studying for a CompTIA Fundamental exam as it is another one I can add to the list; if I’m capable of A+ the foundations should be a breeze.

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