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About Learning & Skills

The Seetec Skills team are dedicated to providing up-to-date, informative and inspiring support and advice to help people improve their skills and progress in their careers through vocational skills training. With over 30 years’ experience in helping people of all ages and backgrounds to excel, the Seetec Skills team offer an exciting range of Apprenticeships, Traineeships and nationally recognised accreditations to equip students with the competitive edge. Whatever your background or skill-level, Seetec can provide support to you as an individual, working with you to help you unlock talent and succeed in your aspirations.

Highest standards

Seetec courses are designed by industry to be the qualifications and accreditations that employers look for. In addition, many of Seetec’s National Vocational Qualifications can be studied whilst you are at work, this means that time sent away from work to study is kept at a minimum.

Working with employers

Seetec’s flexible approach to working with employers ensures that the business and training needs of each organisation are both appreciated and accommodated; this enables each dedicated Training Adviser to support each learner to the maximum benefit of the employer and the employee. Employers can also benefit from becoming a part of a national network of partner organisations, established by Seetec, and sharing in the knowledge of this broader community to grow their business.


In addition, each Training Adviser can provide up-to-date information on funding which may be available to reduce or even to negate the costs of staff development.

The next step

If you are an individual or an employer looking to set the foundations for continued success and exceed your potential, call the Seetec Learning & Skills team today on: 01702 208070. Alternatively, please email: